C++ interpreter with OpenGL Integration

Play with C/C++ code without distractions.

Traditionally, when writing C/C++ code, you go through the edit-compile-link-execute stages.

When you are learning or when you are being creative this is a major waste of time. What you want ideally is to be able to write code and try it, then tweak it a bit and try it again.


You want to be productive and focused and your development environment must not get in the way.

CPPlay features a C/C++ interpreter integrated with OpenGL and OpenAL and it enables exactly that kind of workflow.

CPPlay is built on top of LLVM and clang, which are the basis of some of the most robust and optimised C/C++ development environments today.

CPPlay is blazingly fast! With its JIT compiler, the code you write with CPPlay executes at near native speed, and the native code you call executes at exactly native speed.

You can:
  • use glsl shaders
  • import assets such as images directly inside your cpplay document
  • look at the tutorials on the help menu for how to use these features :-)
*Requires Xcode and Xcode command line tools



Playgrounds like environment for c/c++.

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